June 30, 2005


Did you know that there are 37 GOP Senators who approve of pesticide testing on people? (they are the 'Nay' votes because they didn't approve of a Barbara Boxer amendment that would ban the testing)

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Our landlord will be back with her hubby and little baby to continue mulching and spreading the shit around the garden. And we have invited a coworker and his fiance over to show them the ropes with the little monsters, I mean lovely, sweet kitties as they will be feeding them and taking care of them while we are at the Cape for a week. So we've decided to BBQ.

I'm going to make Cornell Chicken - a recipe my parents have been making since they went to Cornell and it is just faboo. I'm going to start that tonight so the chicken has time to marinate.

I'm also going to make my grilled artichokes. I steam them the day before, cut them into 1/8ths, remove the hairy parts, marinate them in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and then we stick them on the grill to warm them up and get that nice mesquite flavor.

I'm also going to make Lemon Cheesecake with Shortbread Cookie Crust - just scrumptious. This is one of the cheesecakes I used to sell regularly for dinner parties. Very yummy. The crust is especially good - I've used this crust for other cheesecake recipes and for little tartlets as well.

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June 29, 2005

Shark Attack

Um, have these people not seen 'JAWS'?!? There is no frickin' way I'd go back in that water.

"Beach reopens after shark attack on boy"

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Veronica Mars

For those of you who are watching 'Veronica Mars' this summer for the first time, please keep in mind that UPN, for some inane reason, is not airing the episodes in chronological order...

They SHOULD run them like this. (change the drop down menu to "display all eps.")

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Bad to Worse

Bad Idea: eating a pound of cherries in one sitting because they are perfectly ripe and they are big and they crunch when I bite into them and I can't stop myself.

Worse Idea: eating a pound of cherries RIGHT BEFORE going into an hour meeting. I started getting sweaty and my stomach was burbling and I was sure everyone could hear it. And then I let out a bit of gas and it really, really stank so I gave a dirty, accusatory look to one of the engineers in the meeting. And then the meeting finally let out and I very carefully walked while squeezing things together and pinching my palms until I could make it to the bathroom in time because I don't have a spare pair of pants and the burbling was getting MUCH louder and much more insistent and an accident of this proportion would be a momumental disaster. I made it. Barely.

The sad thing? I know I'll do it again.

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June 28, 2005


Tabs Toes

There are more photos where this came from.

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Baby Development

Quite a bit creepy. Especially the first 8 weeks of development. For all those people who don't believe in evolution - how do you explain the TAIL??? This takes a little while to load, but it is worth it.

Then the right-side development is also a little crazy. I now understand the heartburn and acid reflux I've been experiencing - look at how the intestines get smooshed up by the baby!

In other news - Kym? Please check your email.

Also, the cookies I baked are in the fridge due to the very hot temperatures around here. I took them out last night to see what would happen when they reached room temperature and they got pretty melty. So, I'm not sure how they are going to survive the US Postal Service. I may need to send IOUs for cooler temperature cookies. Bummer.

I'll have photos for you after my morning meetings.

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June 27, 2005


It was a sweltering weekend. With the oppressive humidity, temperatures reached over 100° on both days. We had plans to go to the Scottish Highland Games in town, but screw that. We instead headed to the mall and to the movies to try and stay in the air conditioning as long as possible. We saw 'Land of the Dead' - interesting, but not the greatest zombie movie. Although this is the first zombie movie where I was actually rooting for the zombies. But the main zombie leader was a bit unbelievable in that all the other zombies were decayed, etc., and he just had face wrinkles and yellow eyes. So there was that. I still rate '28 Days Later' as the best scary zombie movie I've seen. 'Shaun of the Dead' is the funniest.

I also finished a couple of books: 'The Cloud Atlas' and 'The Kite Runner' - both were fantastic. Cloud Atlas is a bit hard to describe - it's a set of short stories that all are connected in some way. David Mitchell does an amazing job of switching the voice of each section to the time period. And Kite Runner is about two boys growing up in Afghanistan. With the war in Afghanistan, it was very moving to read about what the country had been like before the Russians and the Taliban took over. And then what happened to the country afterwards.

I'm now reading 'Blue Angel' - and I'm liking it a lot so far.

The kitties each shed about two cats each this weekend. It was really too hot to let them out for long - they would suffer the heat and then come inside very slowly and collapse on the cold marble tiles. Poor kitties.

I also made a bunch of peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies - some for my hubby's summer job and some to send as much belated thank yous.

I will be posting kitty photos either today and tomorrow. Also, I think I'm due for another belly photo.

Also also, congratulations to Kym! She just told us that she is pregnant and due in January! Our family is just exploding with babies! The best part of this is that we are spending a week on the Cape with Kym and her hubby Nathan and now I'm not the only one who can't drink! Yeah!

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June 24, 2005


I'm very happy it's Friday. No big plans for the weekend other than to make cookies. We were going to go to the Scottish Highland Games tomorrow - but it's supposed to be about 100 degrees and the hubby's Scottish skin will never survive. So, we might go to the mall like everyone else and stay in the air conditioning. Or not. See? No big plans.

The shit is still in the driveway but our landlord is coming on Saturday to continue with her mulching of the garden.

Also, we've decided that the hubs could never be pregnant (other than the obvious reasons) because he is WAY too ticklish. I've been poking him where Babycakes pokes me and what with the squirming and flailing and shrieking, it just wouldn't work out.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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June 23, 2005

Common Sense

An honest conversation about the war in Iraq.

"What I want people to do is be honest.

If you will not serve in Iraq, and no one you know will serve, stop expecting someone else to do what you will not.

Therefore, it is time to stop calling for more troops, or the US to make Iraq safe. We cannot do this and even Americans are refusing to join the fight. It is time to look at your actions and realize, that despite your ideals, you oppose continuing this war. In practical terms, you have decided that this war is not worth your life or anyone you know. And millions of Americans have joined you in this decision."

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End Torture

I love these t-shirts. Of course, only internet geeks will probably 'get' them. These are in response to the right-wingnuts' shirts that say "I Love Gitmo!"

Babycakes needs this one. Of course, people might interpret it as she wants us to stop torturing her...

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June 22, 2005

Movie Quotes

I watched the AFI's top 100 movie quotes show last night and I stayed up to watch the whole frickin' thing because I was CONVINCED that at least one quote from 'Princess Bride' would be on the list. I mean, come on, who doesn't know: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

But no - some movie called 'Casablanca' (?) rated 6 of the top 100 quotes! Who's heard of: "Here's looking at you, kid"? And should "Play it, Sam." even BE on the list if everyone quotes it wrong ("Play it again, Sam")? Stupid AFI. Why did I stay up for this craptastic list?

And nothing from 'Young Frankenstein' made it on the list, either. Nor did anything from 'Blazing Saddles'.

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Our landlord will be here this weekend to work on the garden some more. And in anticipation of her visit, she had some manure delivered to the house to use for mulching, etc. Reconstituted manure - so it doesn't smell much. And the instructions for the shit dude were to dump the manure by the mulch pile next to the house. So, we come home yesterday and my first glance was to the mulch pile. "Hmm, no shit". And then, "Aw, shit!" - he had dumped the manure right in front of the garage where we park.


The hubs wants to move the pile so that we can actually park in the garage. I feel bad, because I'm not really supposed to be doing the heavy lifting - so the shit removal all falls on his shoulders.

And then we wake up this morning and it is pouring. "Oh great, now it'll be a big pile of slushy shit", says the grumpy hubs.

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June 20, 2005

Arthur the Anteater

I had to rescue Otto from eating ants this weekend. You see, Otto? Loves to eat bugs. But usually his bug eating is limited to the occasional bug that finds its way into the house or apartment. Not yesterday. In his jaunt outside to eat grass (which he needs to do more of, by the way, because the lawn isn't going to mow itself), he discovered an ant hill. Swarming with tiny ants. So, he did like any cat with a bug obsession would do - he proceeded to capture and eat as many as he could. I was outside reading a book and not really paying attention as he would sit up and rub his face with his paws and then settle back in to eat more of them. I finally realized that he wasn't going to be satisfied until he had eaten ALL of them and this was a huge mound we were talking about here and eating all those ants probably wasn't good for him considering he had already barfed up the remains of a moth earlier. I walked over, picked him up, wiped all the ants from his face and paws and brought him over to where I was sitting. And he collapsed with what I can only describe as relief at having been rescued. I wish I had gotten pictures.

As a separate question - isn't the children's book character Arthur an anteater? I know a bunch of you out there know the answer to this.

Nevermind, it turns out he is an aardvark.

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Google Search

My goodness. Here is what someone put in Google to find my site (I'm hoping by accident):

(ejaculated OR spewed OR released OR poured OR erupted OR emptied OR gushed OR issued OR flowed OR flooded) (thrust OR drove OR lunged OR poked OR pushed OR plunged OR rammed OR pressed OR shoved OR stuck) (pleasure OR rapture) elf she -santa

They don't appear to be picky.

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June 18, 2005


So, I started off as a 34B. And I've been a 34B for a long time. I just went shopping for bras again as the ones I had weren't fitting so well. I'm now up to a 34D, people. That is just crazy. Also? My sister warned me that I would develop blue veins as the milk machine started to get ready. And I must not have looked all that closely before today. Because the florescent lights and full-length mirrors? Showing the blue veins to the nth degree. It's a bit scary. What are they going to look like in 3 months? Am I going to be a double D then? As my hubby said today when I told him to look for 34D bras - "Damn".

We went to see 'Batman Begins' today - it was great. Despite Katie Holmes and her weird lopsided mouth and bulging eyes. Christian Bale was great, as was Liam Neeson and Michael Caine. Then we stopped by Trader Joe's for more frozen goodies to last us the week. And now we're home and the kitties are harassing us to let them go outside to eat the grass.

More: also, I'm a bit smitten with Christian Bale. The movie was great because of him. This was not a cartoony Batman movie - it was dark and a bit scary. And fun - there are some great lines between Batman and Fox (Morgan Freeman). And any movie with Rutger Hauer in it is tops in my book. Not that he had much of a role, but still. I've been smitten with him since 'Lady Hawke' and 'Bladerunner'. Also? the Batmobile rocks. It actually sounds like it is growling. And the Scarecrow was fantastic. Scary and creepy. Go now! See the movie!

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June 17, 2005

Everything that can go wrong

Scientists are putting together a list of everything that can go wrong.

"The November 2003 issue of Scientific American included an excerpt from the inventory, which read in part, "Knocking a cup of coffee off a counter with a light jerk of the wrist; breaking a tooth while comically pretending to bite down on the Great Pyramid of Giza; lowering lifeboats into the water when they are only filled to half capacity; tripping on cable and falling to floor with broken ankle while angrily storming off set of 24; building shanty on hillside instead of floodplain in anticipation of monsoon season, then getting buried in erosion-triggered mudslide anyway.""

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June 16, 2005

Belly Photos!

23 week photos, for your viewing pleasure.

23 weeks

There are also stroller, tractor pull, peony and kitty photos up on flickr. Yes, all the stroller photos are of Aaron. I was not wearing a bra at the time of the photos and I didn't want to stun all of you with my bodaciousness. ;)

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June 15, 2005


Wow, my titles are very boring. Ah well. So, the 'Veronica Mars' pilot was on last night. I started watching the show about three episodes in, so it was great to see the episode that launched it all.

In other news, yes, I need to post tractor photos and belly photos. It's finally cooling off outside so hopefully I won't be a pool a mush when I get home today. Now it is rainy and overcast outside. Great for the plants and great for cooling off the house.

I also saw the cutest Dad/Baby t-shirts at ThinkGeek.com. Yes, I know he's not an official daddy yet, but just want to keep them in mind for later.

Side note: when the hubs saw the first sentence of this post, he thought I had written: "Wow, my titties are boring." He said he had to do a double-take because he thought: her titties are not boring!

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June 14, 2005

Timeline to the War in Iraq

Still think Bush didn't lie to the American people and Congress about this war?

Timeline to the war in Iraq.

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June 13, 2005


The tractor pull weekend is over and I mostly survived. I think I lost a couple of pounds of sweat. It was in the 90s and at least 85% humidity. Massive downpours and thunder at the end of each day. The pull itself was yesterday, but since my younger sister was in town, we headed up to my parents' house on Saturday to stay the night. Plus, the hubby had to help my dad load the tractors Saturday afternoon and then they took off down the mountain first thing in the morning. I didn't sleep very well that night because of the mugginess. And then we headed to the pull in the morning. And proceeded to melt all day long. I had a big hat and we brought chairs, but our new sun umbrella really only works in sand at the moment. So, in full sun for hours. I did bring lots of water and I tried to move around as little as possible. My sister and I left when it started to really thunder and we could see lightening. So we headed back up to my parents' house and proceeded to take naps in the dry, cool house. While it poured rain back down at the pull. My mom, dad and hubby were completely drenched by the time they got home. It's funny: an entire tractor pull full of farmers and none of them believed us that it was about to pour - "eh, it's going to go around us."

So, I'm in a bit of a fog at the moment. I need to catch up on some sleep.

Oh yeah, and my camera was not working very well in the humidity. I would turn it on, take a picture and then I'd turn it off. And it would stay on in defiance. So I'd take the batteries out, switch it to on, switch it to off, put the batteries back in, turn it on, turn it off and the lens would finally retract. So it made taking photos a total pain in the butt. I think I have one I'll post later.

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June 10, 2005


Well, the OB appointment went pretty well yesterday. I didn't have to expose the hoo hoo and we heard babycakes' racing heartbeat. I've gained another 3 pounds - bringing my total gain to about 13. Also, my blood pressure is still a bit high - 146/80. I have a lab appointment before next month's visit in which they will do the short glucose test (to check for gestational diabetes), test my thyroid and also test protein levels to make sure that I'm not showing signs of preeclampsia due to the high blood pressure. My other doctor also called to say they need to raise my thyroid medication yet again. This pregnancy is really taxing my thyroid levels, I guess. I started off, pre-pregnancy, taking 75 mcg and it is now up to 137 mcg. Maybe this will be the last time it is raised. In regards to the blood pressure, I'm going to eat even more vegetables and fruit and take more calcium this month as well as try to take it easy to see if I can lower it a bit by next month's visit. They don't recommend cutting back on salt because you need it while pregnant - not that I eat a ton of salty foods, anyway. Any other tips out there?

UPDATE: I just checked by blood pressure at the drugstore and it was 122/76. Apparently the top number is the one that fluctuates with stress, etc., so maybe it was high at the OB's office because we were late and I was rushed in to pee and be weighed. The bottom number is totally normal - if that one gets higher, it's not good.

In other news, this weekend is my dad's first tractor pull of the season. He has a huge collection of antique tractors that he fixes up, loads with weights and then competes with other former and current farmers and tractor enthusiasts. He, or rather my mom, has enlisted the help of the hubster to deal with the weights. I'm going to keep a running notebook of which tractors entered which categories carrying which combination of weights. It's actually very entertaining if you can look past the very loud engines and smell of diesel. I'm just hoping it isn't as hot as it has been the last couple of days - high 80s and very muggy. I'm going to be very girly and bring chairs and an umbrella and a big hat and lots of water and sunscreen. I shall bring my camera as well, so you can all enjoy the full tractorness of the event.

My younger sister will also be in town with the crazy hounds. This is a quick vacation for them as my parents have something like 90 acres of forest for the dogs to run around on. And boy, do they run. They've been cooped up in her house for a couple of weeks now and they are going absolutely insane.

Anyhoo, have a faboo weekend!

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June 09, 2005


Today is my five month OB appointment. Not sure if I'll have to show my hoo hoo dilly again this time. We have a list of questions this time instead of remembering everything we wanted to ask AFTER we leave the office. I'm hoping the doctor will be able to tell us what position babycakes is in. Is she upside-down? Facing in, facing out?

She has a definite schedule at this point. 8 - 8:30 am: wiggle, kick, wiggle; 11 am: shift, flex wiggle; 2ish pm: thrust, kick, wobble; 4:30pm: wiggle, kick, kick; 7:45pm: flip, shimmy, punch; 10ish pm: flop, flip, wiggle, kick. And so on. But it's almost the same thing every day. The hubster has been able to feel some of the bigger kicks and shoves at this point.

I'm also showing a lot more. My belly has definitely "popped" out now. I will have to take more frequent photos now that something is really happening. So far no stretch marks, only itchiness and stretchiness.

Did I mention that I'm avoiding the crazy ladies downstairs? Further evidence of this necessity: "Ooh, look at the big fat mama!" and "Wow, you're not pregnant, are you?" (geez)

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14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism. Or is it just patriotism? Scary and thought-provoking.

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June 08, 2005

Pet Yarn

Have you ever thought to yourself - hmm, Otto's* hair would look GREAT as a sweater? Well, now you can collect your pet's fibers and have this company make it into yarn for you! A perfect gift for your allergic friends and family - a sweater made entirely of dog or cat fur!

*insert your pet's name here (Benoit, Rufus, Chet, Monkey, Lucy, Ruckus, Felon, Paco, Artie, Hobbes or Jalen for example). (see, I pay attention. Oh, and sorry if I missed any)

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We have a raccoon who visits every night and knocks over our trash can and shreds and spreads our garbage all over the garage. Our garage does not have a door, so the coon has easy access. And our garbage can does not have locking handles, so all he/she has to do is push on the can to knock it over. My landlord said we might try posting a sign that points to where the compost bin is located as the coon is obviously very smart.

Any suggestions? Other than putting on a garage door and buying a locking trash can. Surely we are all smarter than a raccoon, right?

And if my sister is reading this - maybe we can borrow your squirrel-scaring motion-sensing scary Halloween face thingy?

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June 07, 2005

Veronica Mars

So, if you didn't manage to catch 'Veronica Mars' this season - the full season re-airs this summer, starting with the pilot episode on Tues., June 14 at 9 p.m., and then beginning on June 15, the series moves to Wednesday nights at 9.

I highly recommend this show. Great characters, great writing. And really? What else are you going to do this summer?

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June 06, 2005


The stamp fair yesterday was good. Although walking around on concrete all day really made my feet sore. Luckily, one of the ladies brought the yummiest cookies ever. And there were benches for the occasional break. However, when we headed outside for lunch, we were hit with a wall of hot air. Somehow, the temperature had reached over 90 degrees (but it was a dry heat...)! Just last week it was rainy and chilly. I'm surprised we didn't get a thunderstorm last night. Our house stays pretty cool, luckily. Our former apartment would have been absolutely miserable. We had the windows open last night and got to first hear all the bugs and bats at night and then the utter cacaphony of birdies first thing in the morning. Or should it be "chirpaphony" or "squawkaphony"? Otto was very restless because he could actually hear what was happening outside. And one of the windows is right by my head by the bed. So lots of late night pillow stomping. And the cat? Is not graceful. I'm also radiating heat due to the incubation. If a blanket even tries to touch me, the result is much flinging and cursing. Needless to say, the sheets and blankets were in utter disarray this morning.

It's supposed to be another scorcher today - but a much muggier heat this time. So we will probably get the thunderstorms. Luckily, I'm inside in the air conditioning.

Oh yeah, and the hubster's mom sent moola so that we can buy this combination stroller. How much do you want to bet that the hubs takes the kitties for a stroll just to "test it out"? ;)

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June 03, 2005


< soap box >

I need to get this out because it has been bugging me lately. It's a matter of punctuation.

It is NOT 1970's or the 70's - you are not trying to make them possessive, you are trying to make them plural. It should be 1970s or the '70s.

Same goes for CDs, DVDs, etc., etc. (not "put the CD's in the box"!!!). Even the frickin' New York Times is printing this incorrectly! If you are trying to make them plural, you don't need the apostrophe, people.

I should send a copy of "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" to all the offenders. Except I have no money for that. So I just rant. I'm not a saint, but there are some things that just really bug me.

< / soap box >

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Well, the weather has finally warmed up quite nicely. And our landlord is done with the garden mulching/weeding for now. The peonies are all about to bloom at once - yeah! Peonies are my favoriteists.

Not sure of the plans for tomorrow other than the hubby HAS to get a haircut and we need to get an oil change on the car. Sunday there is a big rubber stamp/crafting fair near here. The stamp ladies and I will be heading over to check it out. One very nice benefit of meeting with a group each month is that we all have such different supplies. I have much less than they do, but I have access to their fun things. We shall see how long it takes me to get wiped out from walking all around the huge exhibit hall.

I also plan to spend a little time trying to even out the capri pant tan on my legs. I'm wearing a shorter skirt today and it's a bit obvious. It also doesn't help that my legs are very pale.

Have a lovely weekend!

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June 02, 2005


Now that my shows are over for the season, I've started catching up on all the reading I've been meaning to do. I just finished "I am Charlotte Simmons". Which was a very fast read. And entertaining. It seemed a bit full of stereotypes to me and kind of a caricature of college. And it didn't stretch my imagination much other than bring up bad memories of college.

Tonight I'm moving on to "Cloud Atlas: A Novel". I've heard a lot about this one, so I'm excited.

I'm also excited about the BING CHERRIES in the grocery store last night. They are still a bit pricey, but I couldn't resist. Babycakes is worth it, don't you agree?

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June 01, 2005


To the person who found my site by searching for: "skanky maternity tops" - I wish I knew where to find them. Because I'd be all over that. ;)

And to the person who is looking for Kevin Federline Shower Photos. EW. Seriously.

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Thank you for your kind words. Monday was a bit rough. I held it together until I got to the funeral home and starting talking to his lovely wife. And started blubbering. I'm so glad I brought my hubby with me and didn't carpool with the guys from work. The hubs understands the tears. It still doesn't seem real.

On a much lighter note, my sister just forwarded this link to me. Hilarious. Involves bugs, so be warned.

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